NaviNet’s expert Professional Services team has experience designing and enabling provider portals for health plans of all size, makeup and complexity. Your health plan will be assigned a Professional Services Team that will be responsible for making your Open enablement project successful. The team will work closely with your IT, business and other Subject Matter Experts to define and configure your Open platform and application stack to meet your specific business needs.

Just as important as technical integration and system configuration is provider engagement. NaviNet’s Professional Services Team will work closely with your plan’s Provider Network Operations and marketing team to drive effective provider communications and engagement, resulting in rapid adoption and utilization of enabled Open applications.

NaviNet aims to drive efficient projects that focus on rapid time to value. The toolkit used includes industry standards for integration and best practices developed over the past 14 years with a feedback loop back into the team to drive improvement. While each implementation does vary based on specific requirements, existing environment and the purchased Open Application a typical implementation from kick-off to providers using your Open implementation is nine to twelve weeks.

NaviNet’s Professional Services teams strive for strong customer satisfaction with each project. The result is a score of 4.9 out of a possible 5.0 in a recent survey of NaviNet customers with completed projects.