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NaviNet Drug Authorizations features:

  • A Dashboard that allows you to manage all PA forms and follow-up in one place, regardless of the plan, patient, or drug;
  • PAs are available across all segments (Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial) and for any drug;
  • Address Books store patient, pharmacy, and physician demographics to fill in the appropriate PA form.
  • Ability to locate the proper PA form in seconds;
  • PA requests already started by nearby pharmacies can be accessed and completed online;
  • Fax and digital signature functionality allow the physician’s signature to be stored. Once a signature is applied to a PA, it may be faxed directly to the plan without printing.

NaviNet Drug Authorizations offers several benefits for patients and users:

  • Helps keep patients on the drug prescribed by their doctor;
  • Reduces prescription abandonment by the patient;
  • Saves you time by streamlining the PA process.

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