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“One of the things we are doing with NaviNet is delivering not just administrative information, but clinical information that really helps our providers to improve the care and access to care to our members.”

Joe Miller, Director of
e-Business, AmeriHealth Caritas


“NaviNet is a wonderful practice tool in obtaining drug prior authorizations because it is simple, efficient, and increases productivity throughout my day. Our office does at least 20 prior authorizations in a week, and it has been so much easier having NaviNet to assist me in this process.”

Adrienne Sindoni, CMA

NaviNet Open

NaviNet's expanded solution includes a series of applications—the traditional payer-provider applications, reinvented for accountable care—plus new capabilities focused on data distribution for clinical informatics. NaviNet’s user base, supporting provider identity database, trusted integration with payer back-end systems, and unmatched knowledge of payer-provider reimbursement flows make it the solution of choice.

Thought for the Week

“A strong network is all about building relationships.”

Dennis Zanetti
Product Architect
NaviNet, Inc.