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Five Trends in Value-Based Reimbursements

Value-based reimbursement (VBR) is the latest initiative in a series of healthcare reforms. As of 2014, 75% of providers already participate in one or more value-based payment models. During the same time, commercial health plans announced 61 new VBR programs, including Pay for Value, Episode of Care, and Shared Savings.

Collaboration has become the core focus for payers and providers to achieve the key elements of these VBR programs. Download our white paper to learn about the Five Trends driving the future of Value-Based Reimbursements including:

  • Accelerated growth in value-based reimbursements (VBRs);
  • Favorable results, especially in the population of patients who are incurring the highest costs;
  • Four distinct VBR models: Pay For Value, Episode of Care, Shared Savings, and Total Cost of Care;
  • Consensus and collaboration between payers and providers on future direction of VBR programs; and
  • Key capabilities that are already under way needed to be successful in scaling VBR—organizational, processes, and technology.

About the Author
Catherine Weston serves as Strategic Advisor to NaviNet, leveraging her 25 years in healthcare consulting and technology to assess industry trends and create insights for company direction.