The Referral Evolution

In this post-reform era of healthcare, an acute focus on decreasing costs, higher quality care and an improved patient experience to achieve the Triple Aim persists. 

With referrals, narrow networks and value-based care are new opportunities to reduce leakage and redundant processes, while steerage becomes increasingly important to improve quality and patient outcomes.  

In this webinar, Randy Bak, MD, JD will explore the evolution of referrals—those existing or just emerging, their use cases, and the technological requirements payers and providers need to support them.

You will also learn about:

  • The evolution of referrals: today’s referrals and what’s on the horizon? Emerging referral use cases and their impact on value-based care
  • How payers and providers can support the technological evolution to a healthcare collaboration network
  • The active role that payers and providers alike will need to take in referral management