Claims Management: The Secret Sauce to Effective Provider Network Collaboration

Is Claims Management Hindering Collaboration with Your Providers?

Although 90% of claims are submitted to health plans electronically, manual workflows continue to inhibit payer-provider collaboration during the claims management process. Market research also indicates that paper claim submissions, as well as the manual tasks that occur after a claim is submitted, contribute to higher health plan costs and lower provider network satisfaction.

How can health plans make sure their claims management process improves and optimizes, rather than impedes collaboration with their provider networks?

In this webinar, we discussed what steps health plans can take to reduce manual processes and significantly lower costs through automation and improved provider network collaboration.

This webinar covered:

  • Streamlined claim adjustments
  • Integrated, electronic claim attachments
  • Automated claims management workflows

Hear these insights on and learn what you can do to help your health plan succeed in today’s payer market.


  • Shane Curd, Solution Consultant
  • Aaron Stillman, Senior Product Manager