Getting ready for electronic EOBs

In order to receive your Aetna EOBs electronically through NaviNet, just follow these easy steps:

  • Ensure that anyone in your office who might need access to Aetna EOBs is added as a NaviNet user. Adding New Users to NaviNet
  • Confirm that your Office Tax ID(s) and provider data in NaviNet is correct by visiting the Data Maintenance Transaction from the Transaction Menu. Adding your Office TIN
  • Ensure that associated user permissions have been enabled if your office
    has two or more associated Tax IDs.
    Enabling User Transaction Permissions

Now you’re ready to access your Aetna EOBs through NaviNet! Simply:

  • Log in to NaviNet.
  • Go to Aetna Plan Central.
  • Select 'Claim Search' from the 'Claim EOB Tool' option on the transaction menu.
Learn how to use Aetna’s online claim EOB tool