Who's Using NaviNet

What They Are Saying

““NaviNet drug prior authorization is one of the best tools there is. It’s one stop authorization, no matter the insurance. It's easy, quick, it’s convenient. You’re not flipping from site to site to put in authorizations for different insurances. ””
– – Cathy, ,
Medical Office Manager, Parkstone Medical Associates
““Our office regularly uses NaviNet for Aetna, Cigna, United and Medicare. With one simple sign on, we are able to access information such as claim status and patient eligibility and benefits for all four. NaviNet allows us to obtain the information we need quickly and securely so we aren’t spending unnecessary time on the phone. ””
– – Nancy Bohn, ,
Billing, Orthopedics Northwest
““Using Navinet is great, it provides us all information we need. It makes it easier for us to verify patient eligibility without out being on the phone and waiting for long periods of time. ””
– – Aurora Salazar, ,
Billing Manager, Robert F. Oldt M.D.